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Prof. Dr. Wilfried Juling
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Juling
KIT Board Member
wilfried julingHtk3∂kit edu
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck
Scientific Spokesperson
hartmut schmeckHdx6∂kit edu

Guidelines of the KIT-Focus "COMMputation"

By establishing the KIT Focus COMMputation the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology merges the expertise of a research center and a university in an area of highest relevance for society and economy. The KIT will benefit from the synergetic combination of their complementary top-down and bottom-up  approaches to research ranging from grid computing to the design of reconfigurable hardware.
The joint work within COMMputation will be directed by the following guidelines:

  • COMMputation provides an organizational framework for existing and anticipated research projects on interacting adaptive systems.
  • COMMputation supports the cooperation of its members by organizing workshops, joint seminars, and summer schools
  • COMMputation initiates the explorative study of new fields of research and the realization of long-term, complex, large-scale projects.
  • COMMputation coordinates common strategic development and thereby secures the development of new, promising fields of research.
  • COMMputation attracts and invites international experts for joint work on various aspects of communication and computation.
  • COMMputation secures the optimal use of synergies in its scientific scope by using common resources.
  • COMMputation offers excellent scientific teaching and training.
  • COMMputation promotes young researchers and provides for equal opportunity.
  • COMMputation increases the international visibility of its research.