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Prof. Dr. Achim Streit
Prof. Dr. Achim Streit
Topic: Grid and Scientific Computing
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Grid and Scientific Computing

Grid, Cloud and High Performance Computing form the seamless integrated working environments at KIT and are research and development topics at SCC. Potential fields of scientific Grid,Cloud and HPC applications are for instance climate and environment, genome research, energy research, high-energy physics and nano-computing. This includes applications which have to scale-up due to rapidly increasing computational demands and data volume. KIT is focused on special Competence Centers and SCC supports all Competence Centers with so called Simulation Laboratories (SimLabs). Furthermore the integration and long term availability of Cloud services in a production environment is of major interest. Following a bottom-up approach from the applications to the hardware infrastructure these topics include:

  • Parallelization, adaptation and scaling of scientific applications for use on HPC, Grid and Cloud resources.
  • Integration of compute (HPC, Grid, Cloud) resources and data management interfaces in the scientific lifecycle.
  • Efficient management of HPC, Grid and Cloud resources.
  • Easy-to-use interfaces, portals and middleware solutions for HPC, Grid and Cloud resourcesn combined with powerful storage connections (Large Scale Data Facility).
  • Optimized protocols, network and processor usage.


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