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Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner
Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner
Topic: Algorithm and Software Engineering
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Algorithm and Software Engineering

The topic algorithm and software engineering essentially contributes to the methodological background for communication and computation in highly interconnected systems. Given the increasing use of complex software systems which have to operate with predictable performance and reliability in all kinds of different applications domains, ranging from eHealth and eGovernment to classical banking and insurance applications and from logistics and production control systems to telecommunications and energy systems, it becomes clear why the engineering of algorithms and software is such a crucial challenge. Such systems are building on rather heterogeneous and dynamically changing hardware infrastructures with limited network connectivity. The arising challenges can only be mastered with new algorithms as well as new software architectures. Therefore, the main contribution of algorithm and software engineering to the area of COMMputation is primarily methodologically: Algorithm and software engineering provides efficient and effective algorithms and software architectures with predictable properties.


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