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Prof. Dr. Stefan Tai
Prof. Dr. Stefan Tai
Topic: Service and Web Engineering

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Service and Web Engineering


The use of digital content and electronic communication networks fosters the increase of digital convergence. Hence, a common fabric of digital connectivity is created and disparate industries are brought together.
Analogously, the augmented use of dynamic composed Web services induces the rise of so called service value networks. Service value networks are smart business networks, which provide business value through the agile and market-based composition of complex services. The pool of services to be combined is steady, but open and comprises complementary as well as substitutive standardized service modules by the use of ubiquitously accessible information technology.
In the end, (almost) all organisations are transformed into eOrganizations which require methods for coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in highly dynamic and distributed environments such as service value networks involving many autonomous organizations.
The objective of "eOrganization and Service Engineering" is to develop concepts for the support of enhanced and distributed service scenarios. The main challenge is to align the possible conflicting private goals of autonomous, self-interested and partly technical participants in such heterogeneous scenarios with the common target of creating additional value. The main concern is to enable eOrganization to handle spontaneous coordination, group formation, and collaboration. The (partial) self-organization of participants in a service value network will be a challenging aspect of this research.


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