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Prof. Dr. Michael Beigl
Prof. Dr. Michael Beigl
Topic: Communication Technology
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Communication Technology

Communication forms the basis for the operation of distributed systems and applications. Communications research is about technologies, methods, protocols, architectures, and systems for all kinds of future communication systems as well as methods and tools for their evaluation. It comprises all hardware and software components used for information transmission over wired or wireless media. Forced by new application areas (e.g. internet of things, under water communication), by increasing numbers of users (including e.g. sensors, not only humans) and by growing demands (e.g. with respect to robustness, security), new developments are necessary.
The major goal of the topic communication within this Focus is to provide the basis for the controllability of such systems. Its interdisciplinary composition (with members from electrical engineering and information technology, computer science, hardware, software, technology, theory) provides the opportunity to tackle comprehensive aspects like robustness and security as well as self-organization and energy efficiency from an integrating point of view.


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