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Prof. Dr. Marc Weber
Prof. Dr. Marc Weber
Topic: Systems Engineering

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Systems Engineering

Systems engineering deals with appropriate scientific methods for specification and analysis, exploration and design, as well as optimization and implementation of technical systems. This includes the necessary formal techniques (mathematical, algorithmic) and comprises various kinds of heterogeneous system technologies (electronic, optical, mechanical, etc.). Therefore, theoretical studies, methodologies, and the development of new concepts for architectures and computer aided tools for complex heterogeneous systems are needed, e.g. in communication and infotainment, robotics and automation, medical systems, automotive, and mobile/ubiquitous domains. These concepts have to be based on mechanics, electronics, and software. Relevant research issues include the investigation and realization of self-organisation and adaptivity (self-x features), trustworthiness (safety-critical systems), security, and hard real time constraints at all levels of system design.


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