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Prof. Dr. Wilfried Juling
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Juling
KIT Board Member
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Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck
Scientific Spokesperson
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News and Events

News concerning running projects and other activities of COMMputation are announced here.

Announced on Friday, 11 October 2013:

The first symposium on Hybrid Sensorics is held by the HybridSensorNet society on 29 November 2013 in Karlsruhe. Please refer to http://hybridsensornet.org/aktuelles.html or http://idw-online.de/de/event44838 for details.

Announced on Monday, 02 July 2012:

New high-performance computer for scientific computing (ForHLR) at KIT.

Press release.


Announced on Friday, 29 June 2012:

Prof. Dr. Christian Koos is awarded the „Krupp-Förderpreis 2012”.

Press release.


Announced on Tuesday, 07 February 2012:

Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner and Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders are awarded the „Google Focused Research Award”.

Press release.


Announced on Monday, 09 January 2012:

The 7th Karlsruhe Workshop on Software Radios takes place on 7 - 8 March 2012.


Announced on Friday, 09 December 2011:

Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders is awarded the renowned Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Press Information.


Announced on Friday, 14 October 2011:

The inaugural ceremony for the KIT Competence Center for IT Security KASTEL will take place on Monday, 17 October 2011.

Link to invitation card

Announced on Sunday, 09 October 2011:

The public discussion meeting of the expert committee "radio systems" of the ITG at topics concerning "radio and life" takes place on 3 November 2011.


Announced on Sunday, 09 October 2011:

The 7th Karlsruhe Workshop on Software Radios takes place on 7 - 8 March 2012.

Call for papers.


Announced on Monday, 03 October 2011:

In the current issue of the KIT magazine LookKIT there are several articles published on topics related to COMMputation.


Announced on Wednesday, 31 July 2011:


The project-draft for the project iZEUS as a follow-up of the expiring project MeRegioMobil (which will end in September 2011) was rated positively by the DLR as Project Management Agency. iZEUS will be part of the BMWi-financed project "IKT für Elektromobilität II". It is supposed to start in January 2012 and bound to end in September 2014. The number of industry partners was extended from 8 in MeRegioMobil to 9 in iZEUS. The full project proposal is due in mid-september.


Announced on Wednesday, 13 July 2011:

Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders, chair of the research group "Algorithmic II" and group leader Dr. Martin Nöllenburg have won Google Research Awards 2011. The prize is worth about 90,000 US$.


Announced on Wednesday, 13 July 2011:

KIT students have won an international competition about data analysis for the development of an algorithm for product recommendation in eCommerce systems. The students participated a practical course at the Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization (IPD) of Prof. Dr. Klemens Boehm.


Announced on Friday, 03 June 2011:

The 8th International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2011) will be held June 14-18, 2011 in Karlsruhe. COMMputation is represented by spokesperson Hartmut Schmeck being general co-chair of the conference and several members of COMMputation organizing workshops or participating in the conference. ICAC is the leading conference on autonomic computing applications, technology and foundations.


Announced on Tuesday, 15 March 2011:

On Wednesday 30 March the Karlsruhe Automation Meeting takes place at the Fraunhofer Institut IOSB.



Announced on Wednesday, 02 March 2011:

Success for KIT Proposals for Initiative for Excellence:

Two proposals of the KIT Focus COMMputation have been selected to submit full proposals:

The Cluster of Excellence „Dependable Software for Critical Infrastructures” and the Graduate School “Karlsruhe School of Informatics and Engineering” are among the winners of the competitive selection process. Both initiatives now have the chance to submit a full proposal by September 1, 2011.

Press release



Announced on Wednesday, 02 March 2011:

Award by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for KASTEL: press release.



Announced on Wednesday, 16 February 2011:

Mastering big data in science: The SCC inaugurates a new large scale data facility (LSDF) for storage and analysis of scientific data.



Announced on Tuesday, 15 February 2011:

HomER - Calculating Secrets: A prototype of the project HomER is presented in the Informatics Innovation Centre on Wednesday, 16. February.



Announced on Tuesday, 15 February 2011:

The topic "eOrganization and Service Engineering" is renamed to "Service and Web Engineering".



Announced on Monday, 08 November 2010:

A talk entitled "Terabits and chips - prospects of communications in the upcoming years" was given by  Prof. Juerg Leuthold at the annual celebration of the KIT (Akademische Jahresfeier). Prof. Leuthold sketched the progress in communications from the days of the Greeks to state-of-the art systems. While it took hours to deliver a  message across short distance in Greece, novel record systems may transmit Terabits of information per second from one continent to the next. Yet, this only is the begin of a new communications area where true three-dimensional displays, autonomous driving, intelligent networks and many more innovations are waiting to be invented and deployed. Key to the success of all new communications systems and devices are new technologies that allow the generation, transmission and reception of signals at Terabit/s while at the same time consuming little if no energy.



Announced on Monday, 01 March 2010:

COMMputation is presented in one of the lounges during the KIT-Jahresempfang on Thursday, 11 March 2010.



Announced on Tuesday, 26 January 2010:

Software Cluster „Softwareinnovationen für das Digitale Unternehmen“ wins Spitzencluster Competition of the Federal Government of Germany: "Emergent Software" for digital enterprises is the major topic of this large scale IT research initiative which received strong support from major regional institutions and companies. Several members of COMMputation have contributed significantly to the preparation of this proposal, which finally was successful in this highly competitive strategic federal funding program. Particularly involved were Jörn Müller-Quade and Ralf Reussner (Department for Informatics), but also Stefan Tai (Institute AIFB and KSRI) as well as Wilfried Juling and Marcel Kunze (SCC). Karlsruhe’s contributions include federated cloud computing concepts and systems for networked enterprises.

Press release - KIT (German)
Press release - Cyber Forum (German)



Announced on Wednesday, 16 December 2009:

HPC Energy Solution Center Karlsruhe: The design of programs and tools for the efficient utilisation of high performance computing for energy research and technology is the objective of the new HPC Energy Solution Center Karlsruhe. The State of Baden-Württemberg supports this new institution, founded by the KIT and six industrial partners.

Press release (German)



Announced on Thursday, 17 December 2009:

KIT participates in EIT ICT Labs: The Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) met on 16 December in Budapest to designate the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and selected the EIT ICT Labs consortium as the KIC on Future information and communication society. More...

Article in Badische Neueste Nachrichten (German)



Announced on Monday, 18 January 2010:

On Tuesday, 19 January 2010, COMMputation is being presented at KIT im Rathaus.

Invitation card (German)



Announced on Tuesday, 8 December 2009:

Interview with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck for the Campus-Report at Uni-Radio Baden on November 17 2009 concerning the inauguration of the KIT focus COMMputation.



Announced on Tuesday, 13 October 2009:

Due to an increasing number of additional obligations, Christof Weinhardt has resigned as the speaker of the topic eOrganization and Service Engineering. His successor is Prof. Stefan Tai, who has the chair of "Technology and Economy of eOrganisation" at the Institute AIFB.



Announced on Tuesday, 29 September 2009:

Today: Publication of a new textbook on Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Web-basierte dynamische IT-Services
Baun, C., Kunze, M., Nimis, J., Tai, S.
2009, Etwa 150 S., Softcover
Springer Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-642-01593-9



Announced on Monday, 28 September 2009:

Fifth IEEE e-Science conference: Workshop on Cloud-based Services and Applications, Oxford (UK), Dec 7-9, 2009. http://www.oerc.ox.ac.uk/ieee/workshops/workshops/cloud/


International Conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Singapore, May 3-4, 2010. http://www.cloudcomputingconf.org/



Announced on Tuesday, 21 September 2009:

Professor Jürg Leuthold wins the "Landesforschungspreis Baden-Württemberg" for his groundbreaking discovery of an optical silicon chip. The prize carries a value of 200.000 Euro divided amongst three awardees and is the most valuable scientific award assigned by a German Federal State in 2009.



Announced on Tuesday, 21 July 2009:

12. November 2009, 16:00 h: Inauguration Event for KIT Focus COMMputation:
(keynote talks by Prabhakar Raghavan (Yahoo! Research) and Edmund Clarke (CMU))


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